Frequently asked questions

What makes you an expert?

Believe it or not, I wasn't always fluent in English but it went from being a foreign to my first language. Whilst I benefited from immersion, it was also my hard work that led to fluency.

On top of that, I'm a professional teacher who's helped hundreds of students improve their English and reach their goals!

What's the difference between finding info on YouTube and this course?

Well, sometimes finding the best/right explanation takes time. And saving time is essential in our busy lives. Time you can use to actually learn!

Also, many students go over the trickier sections so having it all organised in one place is handy.
Moreover, as one of my students recently said, not all youtube videos offer quality teaching plus many of them take forever to get to the point as they are FREE and hence are focused on promoting their services and NOT teaching you!

Finally, seeing the full complete structure in one place of what you need to learn can really be helpful to see the final goal.

What level will I reach with this course ?

If you choose to take exams at this stage, thorough learning will get you prepped grammar wise for B1+(Intermediate level) and partially prepare you for B2 (Upper intermediate) or IELTS band 5.5

Will this course make me fluent?

Firstly, this is part one of the grammar courses.

Whilst grammar is the fundamental basis for proper sentence building it is not the only thing that makes you fluent - you need to apply what you learn in reading, speaking and listening. Vocabulary and pronunciation are two other essential elements.

(Which is why I'm currently working on a pronunciation course)

What if I don't like this course?

You get a 30 days FULL money back guarantee should you not be satisfied.

This gives you plenty of time to test the course and find out if it works for you.

But given this is how I teach my one-to-one students and success of other online learners, I'm pretty confident you won't need to be asking for your money back. But the option is there, just in case.